On School Uniforms

6753443947_9951d5b3fa_oVolusia County school leaders are considering a mandatory uniform policy.  Parents, students and teachers were recently asked to participate in a nonbinding unscientific survey.  The ultimate decision to implement a mandatory uniform policy for over 60,000 students belongs to the 5 members of the Volusia County School Board.

A Sudbury school by definition does not favor or oppose school uniforms.  Rather, a Sudbury school would (if it came up) put the issue to a vote and the students would have an equal say and an equal vote.  This is the Sudbury difference.  Students would be free to debate the pros and cons of school uniforms and make their case at the weekly School Meeting.  If so inclined, students could delve into the extensive academic research that has been published on this topic to garner support for their position.  Or, perhaps students would argue from their heart.  Or, perhaps students would opt out of the matter all together and simply conform to what is decided.  However a Sudbury student becomes involved is up to them.

The important point is that Sudbury students are free to take responsibility for deciding, debating, implementing and enforcing the policy themselves.


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