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New and Improved!

Bill and Melinda Gates were the driving force behind Common Core.  They even spent $200 million promoting the standards.  Now these standards and tests are the source of endless confusion and anguish.

Fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg claims the standards are off to a “promising start” and says parents and teachers should not be permitted to “twist the narrative” with their actual experience.  Massachusetts recently announced it is dropping the Common Core test.  Florida school superintendents have lashed out against the Common Core replacement test.  The resignation letter of one Florida teacher with a doctorate in special education went viral claiming she would not subject “my child to this disordered system.”

Bill and Melinda are at it again pouring $35 million into “Teacher Preparation Transformation Centers” they claim “will bring together higher education institutions, teacher-preparation providers and K-12 school systems to share data, knowledge and best practices” and “develop, pilot and scale effective teacher-preparation practices to help ensure that more teacher-candidates graduate ready to improve student outcomes in K-12 public schools.”  What does that even mean?  Sounds like a path to the standardized teacher now that we have the blueprint for the standardized student.

How long should we listen to Bill and other leaders “cry wolf” before we ask ourselves whether they’re asking the right questions?  We’ve heard this same song for nearly 130 years and public confidence is waning.  If we aren’t asking the right questions, then the answers don’t matter.

Sudbury offers a true alternative with real solutions by reframing the debate.  Sudbury doesn’t ask how can we improve standards, tests and curriculum.  Sudbury asks how can we create an environment that respects students and facilitates learning.  Sudbury creates that environment by embracing the immutable principles of democracy, freedom and individual responsibility.

Sudbury rethinks education by creating a learning environment rather than tinkering with the discrete parts of an outdated system.


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