Free Books

books-1562581Our bookshelves are beginning to overflow.  It’s time to clean house.  Today we begin giving away the books that have helped deepen our knowledge of learning and education.  We want to share these books with you.

Books have a tendency to sit, undisturbed, on shelves for years upon end.  Often, and we speak from experience, these books have only been “lightly” read if at all.  We cannot let this happen with the books that have been so critical in helping us learn about learning. We are compelled to act.

Sharing these books will keep them off our shelves and put them where they belong.  Into the hands of people who will read them and share the books or their contents with others.  Word of mouth, perhaps more so in our hyper-connected society, is one of the most potent forms of communication.

How Do I Claim a Free Book?

We will create a separate post for each book we are giving away that briefly summarizes the book with our thoughts.  The posts will be titled “Free Book X:…”  Search through them and if you find one you like that has not yet been claimed, please send us an email and tell us why you are interested in the book.  Please include a mailing address.

Is the book REALLY free?

Yes.  The book is free.  But we hope you consider it a loan to be repaid by passing it along to someone else when you’re done.  Pay it forward as they say.

Reading a book is like gardening your mind.  Some books plant a seed.  Some prune an unruly idea. Other books fertilize existing knowledge or guide it like a grapevine along a trellis.  And there is the rare book that rips up entire sections of the garden at the root and sows new and revolutionary ideas. However, reading without action becomes recursive and the garden stops yielding fruit.  So please claim a book, read the book and then pass the book along.  Then take action!


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